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Scale to the next stage

As growth strategists and digital marketing enablers we know how to drive real results for businesses - let us understand yours.

 Establish an effective marketing infrastructure and brand identity 

 Generate more revenue through savvy performance tactics 

 Spend time on the aspects of your business you’re passionate about 

Abstract 3D composition representing overwhelming marketing

We created NURARE as a solution to: 

Uncertainty about the next steps to take

Limited time and expertise for marketing efforts

The challenge of finding reliable freelancers

The struggle to keep up with evolving tactics

Difficulty maintaining a cohesive message and brand

Don't let your business fall behind – take action now to make the most of your marketing resources.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the struggle

"We're all about strategy, execution, and optimization - from branding to killer campaigns we bring you cutting-edge marketing solutions that get results. You grow. We grow. It is that simple. So why wait? Benefit from having a team of growth and marketing specialists with a shared goal."

Unlock the full potential of your business with our expertise

Transform your business into a thriving brand - we share our knowledge and personal experiences passionately!

Achieve sustainable growth
with a marketing strategy
 Benefit from having a team
of experts at your side
 Receive customized services
that fit your unique needs

We are here to help you define your priorities, make smart digital investments, and discover new opportunities.

From concept to paid advertising, we will leverage our collective expertise to drive results and help you achieve your goals.

We go beyond developing beautiful websites. We mobilize sound and actionable strategies: from branding to in-bound and out-bound marketing tactics.

 Ready to realize your digital best? 

Get in touch

Benefit from a free consultation, where you discover how we create brand growth, and what to expect when partnering with us.

Create a roadmap

Once we understand your company, current position and goals, we will formulate a sound strategy that everyone is excited about.

Grow your business

Maximize revenue with our data-driven approach. Drive traffic, optimize customer lifecycle, and achieve sustainable growth.

We built NURARE with entrepreneurs in mind

We believe quality marketing should be accessible to all businesses, and we pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions that deliver real results.

You can be the next.


Now a thriving brand, Živina has been our client from the start. Our first purchase of 577 CZK marked the beginning of our journey towards reaching a yearly revenue of 10 000 000 CZK in just a year and a half. 

See our case study to learn more about our efforts and how we helped Živina set the stage for future success.

Composition of Živina brand identity, website, and product range featuring kimchi, soy sauce, pad thai, and oat milk.
Martin Kudera, co-founder of NURARE and founder of Živina, Calmio, and Evolution Concept, as well as the CMO of Zaslat and Parcelspot.

Built from the ground up

Meet Martin, a NURARE co-founder, who excels at blending strategy, marketing, and product development. 


He has launched successful ventures by identifying market gaps and assembling talented teams. His resume includes CMO of internet shipping company, Zaslat, where he oversaw the launch of the global branch, Parcelspot and an ambitious and impactful campaign for London startup,


Currently, Martin leads the innovation group Evolution Concept, which includes Zivina, Calmio, and the growth agency NURARE. 


He is a champion for small and local business and believes everyone has the right to do what they are passionate about.

Say hi to Martin at

Collage of various sports featuring athletes in victory poses, symbolizing marketing success through partnership, depicted in oil painting

Our mission is to ensure growth in today's competitive marketplace, helping our clients thrive. Our focus on creativity, strategy, and business acumen enables us to connect all the dots and build long-term relationships with our clients to provide exceptional value for our services.


We are not just a team of experts, we are a client-centric agency that above all values continuous learning, transparency and ethical practices. We are passionate about making a difference, and we are excited to partner with you to achieve your goals.

Partner with a purpose-driven agency

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